Principal’s Message


Dear Parents,
Welcome to Happy Hours a play school, where learning is fun.We know that parents of young children are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of early learning and the need to take an active part in their early learning years.The School is a ‘home away from home’ providing a very comfortable happy nad friendly environment to the children of this tender age. However keeping this in mind we have basic methodologies and learning tools that make the child understand and learn faster. We have special toys,charts audio visual aids, library, activity room, swings, spacious play ground and a number of other learning tools and equipment’s.

Besides this we help the child to participate in all activities like story telling, singing, dancing, sports, stage shows, learn to share with their peer group, learn better eating habits etc.
In all I can say Happy Hours helps the child in all round development.

The school also provides Day care facilities to children whose parents are working. Young toddlers are taken care of by caring and patient teacher. The school has caring, competent and professionally qualified staff.

Well at HAPPY HOURS the ‘hours’ are filled with fun & learning the excitement never ends!!!!!!

Wishing You All the Best.

With Regards
Mrs. Amla Lal